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Important Information for Renters

The cabin has many of the comforts of home with the luxury of being surrounded by the natural world: quiet breezes, lapping waves, and downey woods. But please take a moment to familiarize yourself with what is and what is not included in the rental:




  • BOAT & MOTOR:  A boat with a 9 horsepower motor is included.

  • FIREWOOD:  Fires are only allowed in the outdoor or indoor fireplaces. Wood, within reason, is provided.

  • PROPANE:  The indoor heat stove and the outdoor grill will come with propane for your stay. Should you run out, numbers are provided for assistance.

  • KITCHENWARE:  Standard kitchenware and utensils are provided as described in the accompanying pictures




  • DRINKING WATER:  The water from the tap is pumped directly from the lake. This water is safe for washing people and dishes, but it is not safe to drink. You will need to bring in bottled water for drinking and cooking.

  • NO SHOWER:  There is no shower in the camp. The lake is spring fed and swimming helps keep one clean. If you require a shower, consider bringing a simple camp shower.

  • NO PHONE:  The camp has electricity but no phone lines were ever run across the lake. Cell service is spotty. This is a feature not a flaw.

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